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A WeVu Free Personal site is free forever. You get one site, with unlimited videos imported from YouTube and Dropbox. Invite as many collaborators, students, team-members as you wish. You can be a user on other sites too.

Over there is a screenshot of the WeVu founder's son's 8th grade basketball team, with coach comments on the right. Tagged for each player. They'll click to see what he's talking about at just the right moment in the video.

You probably have a different use for WeVu. And your friends could probably use it too. So after you get a site, tell them about it.

Everyone needs to share video more privately than YouTube! Right?

How do we offer you one site for free?

Easy. You store videos on YouTube (Unlisted) or your Dropbox account.
That way, we don't pay for storage and processing so you can have the site for free.

And we hope that you and your friends and colleagues will see the value in moving up to our paid plans.