WeVu for Presentation Skills

For Business Presentations, Legal Arguments, and Negotiation

Improving Presentation Skills

With Repeated Practice and Pointed Feedback

Students can easily record their presentations on their phones. WeVu gives teachers and students a shared private space to share videos and receive incredibly detailed feedback. Time-stamped comments point to areas of improvement in presentation skills down to the second. WeVu integrates into your current communication skills curriculum and also archives student activities for assurance of learning.

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Business communication has changed. The delivery of information in the corporate world has to be more efficient than ever. The traditional paradigms of teaching presentation skills are becoming obsolete. But students must master crucial communication skills.


The broadening scope of business and legal education leaves less time for schools to teach these skills. Presentations and oral arguments take time and space if they are delivered in person and instructors or mentors have to be there to hear them. But not with WeVu.

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WeVu’s simple technology can break the barriers of time and space. Practice can happen anywhere. Self-critique and feedback can happen later, anywhere, with a clear record of the feedback given. WeVu is the platform for learning communication skills.

WeVu is the platform for cultivating better presenters

WeVu breaks the barriers of time and space for practice and feedback

Think of the flexibility for faculty, students, and the school.

They'll all save time. And the learning results will speak for themselves.

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