WeVu for Language Learning

Learners use their phones to record video as they speak, dialogue, or present.  

If you're teaching or learning languages, video assignments mean more and more focussed practice. 

What are you waiting for? 

How are Language educators using WeVu?

  • For very short pronunciation exercises where the instructor uploads a video or audio clip and students imitate. The teacher can give precise feedback to each student that the student can replay over and over.
  • For exercises, taking the tedium of assessing students out of the classroom.
  • Turning any YouTube video into a site of student engagement. They can answer a set of questions as comments on specific moments in the videos. Use films or travel videos.
  • For testing students' presentations or responses to prompts.
  • To let students peer review their group role-playing or skits.

Easy video sharing and pinpoint feedback for better learning.

This is Research Supported Innovation

Incredibly simple.

Students record and upload.
Teachers give feedback and assessment.

See and hear students practice. Without being there.

See them practice and give feedback across time and space

Huge benefits for language schools

Everyone knows there isn't enough time to hear students practicing enough.  We can ask them to speak outside class, but they just don't do enough. So give video homework. You don't have to watch every minute; this just makes them practice. 

You don't need to be there

WeVu uses students’ phones or program webcams as recording equipment. Videos get uploaded to the cloud, helping you get a handle on the challenge of limited instructor time and limited space

Phones and the Cloud. Simple.

It's easy for students to self-record and upload videos. And just as easy for faculty to easily go through students’ video practice and give pointed, personal, time-stamped feedback. Students already take lots of video and upload it to YouTube and Instagram, so let's meet them on their home turf.

WeVu breaks the barriers of time and space for practice and feedback.
Think of the flexibility for faculy, students, and the school.

WeVu was built at UBC.

5000 language students use it every year on the UBC campus.

Students and teachers use WeVu in Japanese, Polish, Korean, English, Chinese, and German classes at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

WeVu is built for peers, teachers, and coaches to give feedback easily and effectively

WeVu is also a powerful, all-purpose video management system for your program, college, school, university, or business

But we care more that learners are practicing and getting feedback. The fact that WeVu does old-fashioned watch-and-learn video is just a bonus.