WeVu for Sales and Customer Relations

This isn't training videos. It's using video for real training.

Your team practices sales and customer relations scenarios

You watch their performance later and coach them in WeVu

Stop spending big bucks on the kind of training where your team watches videos or goes to classes.
Train with WeVu for a fraction of the cost. Your team will practice the skills they need when it's convenient. Distributed teams can do this anywhere. Using WeVu to store and organize your team's self-recorded video, you and other managers can really coach them. The magic of smartphone video is that you don’t have to be in the same place at the same time!

Your sales and customer service teams probably already do some role-playing or scenario-based training. With WeVu, you don’t have to interrupt the whole team’s work to schedule these important training activities. Reps can work in pairs or groups, record their work, reflect on it, and get feedback.

The evidence shows that we often don’t recognize what we’re doing wrong. Many of us even resist it when we’re told about it. To get the best performance out of your team, they have to see themselves in action. WeVu gives you a place to share video and use it for coaching.

Save money by onboarding new team members with WeVu

It’s so hard to hire good people. And then it takes so much of their time, and your time, to get them up to speed on your products, culture, and sales and customer service models. Video can make all this faster and easier. 



To use video, you need not only a video delivery system, but also a video platform that lets trainees record themselves practicing and lets managers and team members give feedback right on the videos. That’s WeVu.

The hassle and cost of coordinating in-person training decreases dramatically. ROI on training spikes as feedback is more direct and content more engaging. You can make sure the new team-members are watch the video, engaging with it, and practicing what they need to practice. 


WeVu gives you the best bang for your training buck

"This breaks the barriers of time and space for practice and feedback."

"It's so flexible, you can use WeVu for training videos AND for scenarios and role-playing."

"You've got to use video for recording training sessions nowadays. There's no technical barrier anymore."