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The No-Hardware Solution for recording simulations and student skills work,
sharing those videos, and giving pinpoint feedback

Use any phone or webcam to record clinical skills.
Easy sharing and in-line feedback for better learning.

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Think of WeVu as a place for students or instructors to upload videos of the performance of a clinical skill and then share it with the right teachers, practitioners, or fellow students. Video can come from a sim room or from participants' own phone cameras. Or from students self-recording anywhere. WeVu organizes students into programs, classes, and groups, with instructors able to see all their students' simulation videos.

Once video is shared easily to the right people, it becomes a tool for real learning, even beyond a one-time debriefing. Instructors (or peers) give feedback to students tagged to precise moments and places on the video. For example, an instructor can critique a student contaminating the sterile field while dressing a wound, but then, seconds later, praise the student for excellent patient communication.

“It was very helpful for being able to demonstrate that you’ve mastered a skill. In the past, in Nursing, students needed to pass a practical test (demonstrating a skill in front of an examiner). It really helps lower anxiety, because students can do the skill over and over again, until they have their very best version that can be submitted to the teacher for marking.”

- Anonymous UBC Nursing Student


Clinical programs need to produce trained practitioners. And programs need to demonstrate that they’ve trained their students. WeVu uses students’ phones or program webcams and IP cameras as recording equipment. Videos get uploaded tothe cloud, helping you get a handle on the challenge of limited instructor time and limited training space. WeVu can significantly lower instructional costs as students can do low-fidelity simulation almost anywhere.

WeVu is not for instructional video (though it does work for that). And it’s not video-conferencing or real-time communication. Both of those are commonplace in educational settings.

WeVu does something new: it uses video across time and space for authentic, repeated practice and pointed feedback. 

wevu nurse1

With WeVu, face-to-face student-teacher time can even drop, but students willactually get more training and more feedback.  This reduces program costs, logistical challenges, and even the program’s environmental footprint. Harnessing the power of smartphone video, WeVu also makes programs more flexible and accessible for mature and part-time students.

duManoir May 2017 075
Colleen duManoir
Lab and Sim Coordinator

At UBC-O School of Nursing, we used the system to record, share and annotate our mental health simulations amongst students and staff, and immediately recognized that this system was superior to any existing simulation recording software!

Anonymous Student
UBC French

This allowed me to create a presentation that I did not have to present in front of an entire class.  I could record it at home, which meant I did not have to find childcare for my son, which I would have if we had presented in office hours. I still got the practice and feedback from my prof.

WeVu makes your feedback stick.
You can see students improve when they try again.

Here’s what WeVu looks like.
This pair of students recorded a head-to-toe assessment on their phones.
Students record, then upload and do a self-reflection (comments with orange bar).
Finally, they get instructor feedback (comments with black bar).

WeVu Users

Why not use technology to break barriers of time and space for practice and feedback?

More frequent practice. Better learning. Lower Cost.