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Your learners have phones with great video cameras. Why not let them use video for practice, creativity, and feedback?

in education, training, sports, artistic performance, and more

Skills You Need to See and Hear

We know that in-class time and space are too tight to see all our students practicing, let alone give them feedback. So why aren’t we using video? Video for doing, not for watching.

They Really Practice

We can ask students to practice on their own, but it’s hard to check up on them. Now you can. Video homework. Students record and upload from their phones. Easy. Practice you can see. 

Precise Feedback

Teachers or peers give feedback when it matters. You type a comment, the student’s video stops, your feedback is placed right there. Feedback that’s right to the point.

Skills You Need to See and Hear

We know time and space are too tight to see all our learners practicing their skills. It’s even harder to give them feedback. So why aren’t we using video? Video for doing, not for watching.

They Really Practice

We can ask learners to practice skills but it’s hard to check up on them. Now you can. Video homework. Students record and upload from their phones. Practice you can see. 

Precise Feedback

Teachers, coaches, managers, or peers give feedback when it matters. You watch, then type a comment, the video stops, and your feedback is placed right there. Feedback that’s right to the point.

Learners use their phones to record themselves practicing.
Students and teachers share and mark up videos.

WeVu is for all kinds of learning

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Language Learning

In language classes, students can all practice speaking on their own at home, recording the audio in the app. Then they get feedback as text and audio from their teachers. 2000 language students this year are using the system at UBC in Vancouver.

Clinical Skills

In Nursing and Occupational Therapy students practice or do simulations in groups, upload their video, and get comments on the video timeline from their instructors. They’re using it for patient assessments and clinical skills simulations.


In Law and Academic Communication classes, students self-record presentations and get feedback from their peers and then from their professor. They’re using it to practice legal arguments in a moot court and to present academic research.

Performing Arts

In Music, students record and watch themselves conducting an ensemble and get comments from the professor as well as from the players themselves. Students making videos for classes can collaborate and then get feedback on what they’ve made.

Educators built WeVu

It's a swiss-army knife for video for learning

Your Learning Management System doesn’t let you do all this great stuff with video

Comments/Feedback on the Video Timeline

Comments shared with teacher or class

Peer Feedback, Peer Assessment

Feedback as Text, Audio, or Video 

Feedback & Grading Workflow for Teachers

Video/Audio Transcript Viewer

Record from Smartphone, Immediate Upload

Video/Audio Assignment Hand-in Box

3-second Import from YouTube, Dropbox

Analytics by student, by video, by class, by activity

Archiving of Competency-Based Learning

Highly Customizable Workflow

WeVu is Built for Teachers and Coaches to Give Feedback Easily and Effectively

... and here's what professors say about WeVu

Dominik Stecula
Political Science Instructor

I was very impressed with most of the student discussion on the video. Many students told me after the class that they enjoyed that component of the course. I think that part of it was that the videos were pretty fun, but part of it was that even the shy students who have a hard time speaking in a class of 60 could contribute there. So, for what it’s worth, anecdotally, I think they really liked it. I’m sure there are more advanced ways to use the technology for pedagogical purposes, but even for something basic it seemed to spark engagement instead of just having them watch the videos.

duManoir May 2017 075
Colleen duManoir
Lab and Sim Coordinator

At UBC-O School of Nursing, we used the system to record, share and annotate our mental health simulations amongst students and staff, and immediately recognized that this system was superior to any existing simulation recording software!

Anonymous Student
UBC French

This allowed me to create a presentation that I did not have to present in front of an entire class.  I could record it at home, which meant I did not have to find childcare for my son, which I would have if we had presented in office hours. I still got the practice and feedback from my prof.

Davy Chinn, Jr.
Indiana Wesleyan University

WeVu has been a remarkable asset in my conducting classroom! The students are able to dive in deeply to assess every detail of their conducting technique and comment on it in a very specific way. As their teacher, the ability to ask direct questions and give specific feedback is invaluable!

Vesna Bulatovic
University of Novi Sad
English Language Instructor

I am really satisfied with WeVu and my students love it. It offers a lot of possibilities in the classroom. I would love to use it again next academic year.

UBC Music Student
UBC Music

I think WeVu is a really good device, especially for learning conducting. I am glad my professor decided to use this system. THANK YOU very much for designing and bringing this interface to university learning!

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin
UBC Faculty of Education
Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy

Future teachers are asked to give mini lessons. Usually you have your peers comment during the class but you can learn much more if you have a video of what you have done. You can learn even more if you and your peers can comment on the video.

Dr. Robert Taylor
UBC School of Music

This is a fantastic way for students to review their own playing and for professors to give highly specific feedback.

Misuzu Kazama
UBC Dept. of Japanese

A great tool because it allows both recording of student speech and precise feedback through the annotation tool.

You can use WeVu as a powerful, all-purpose video management system for your program, college, school, university, or business

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